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[HDM] Quick Update + New Shrine
asuka 02
Super quick update to report that the plugin I was using to cross-post entries between my update blog hosted on Sohryu.nu and Livejournal doesn't work any more.
I'll try to find a new plugin soon, in the meanwhile you can keep up with the updates via the main blog: Hello Jupiter or Twitter: 3rdtokyo.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience!

P.S. I've just opened Destati, a shrine dedicated to the fantasy series His Dark Materials, and more sites are on the way :)

[PROJ] One Semester of Site Updates
asuka 01

Hey hey! After many months of absence I finally bring some (small) news :)

I recently started a new internship and had some health problems last fall/winter so I didn’t have the chance to work on Sohryu.nu a lot. I never got around posting that to-do list I talked about in my last post…luckily it seems that now things have gone back to normal, so in January I was able to take stock of the situation and plan the first batch of site updates that will be carried out between February and June/July. You can head over Sohryu Projects to see which sites will be updated during the upcoming months.

I would really like to follow my schedule, but I cannot be 100% sure that the amount of spare time I have won’t change. The internship I’m currently doing is part-time but, if I’m lucky, there is a medium/high chance to do another internship abroad and it will probably be full-time so I won’t obviously have as much free time as I have now. We’ll see how it goes…

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[KAW] The Final Messenger
asuka 01

Sorry about the lack of updates, but I have a new shrine to present!

In case you were wondering it is yet again a shrine created for an Amassment‘s marathon. You would have never guessed it, right? After all this is only the sixth shrine I make in conjunction to an event organised at Amassment which, in this case, was the Minor Character Fansite Marathon.

If for the last marathon I picked my favourite videogame, this time I opted for my favourite anime series: Neon Genesis Evangelion. I must admit that it wasn’t easy to pick a minor character out of the huge Evangelion cast. I tend to like only two or three characters per series, but that’s not the case with Evangelion. If I had enough time I would probably end up making some sort of tribute to any character on the show XD

Joking aside, Kaworu has always been in my top three, along with Shinji and Asuka, so I eventually picked him. Unfortunately, he appears in only one episode at the very end of the series making it almost impossible to talk about him without spoiling his whole story. For this reason Full of Grace is aimed to readers who already have a good knowledge of Neon Genesis Evangelion. However, I have planned to make a small Neon Genesis Evangelion-related shrine to gather all the various basic information about the series, its characters, certain technical terms and so on since more Evangelion shrines are on their way ;)

Comments and affiliation requests are always much welcome!

P.S.: don’t forget to take a look at the other shrines created for this marathons, even minor characters need some love!

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[FL-COLL] One New Fanlisting
asuka 02

Wee…it’s been a while since I last posted here! Anyway, I come bearing a (small) news :)
About a month ago I was picked to be the new owner of the Raito/Light Yagami (Death Note) fanlisting, which is now up and running:

I was very happy to be approved not only because Twilight will be partnered with Ab Intra, my Light shrine, but also because Light is without a doubt one of my favourite male characters. (Blond? Check. Pretty? Check. Villain? Check. Smart? Check. How could I possibly not like him? :3)

I’m going to update Oh Poison! soon with both the about page for Light and a new round of adoptions. I still haven’t made a definitive list, but I’m looking forward to adopt out around 2/3 fanlistings.

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[FL-COLL] First Update of 2012
asuka 01

Even though the whole injured wrist problem isn’t solved yet, I don’t have to wear a brace any more…hurrah for having my hands back :D Now that I’m finally brace-less, I managed to put together the very first update of 2012.

I took a short break from the general series shrine I’m working on, to fix a few things over Oh Poison!. Most of the changes were done to the back end, so they cannot be seen, but I also made some changes to the front end:

  • the KIM script was replaced and the whole page was updated. The members list got lost during the transfer, but I luckily had a partial list on my HD (with names and email addresses) so all the KIM listers were notified and asked to re-join. Obviously everybody is free to join…all it takes a a few minutes to compile the form :)
  • I did a general link check on the adopted/closed fanlistings pages as well as on the affiliates. I removed a lot of broken links in both sections. Affiliation is still open so if you have a fanlisting collective and want to exchange links with Oh Poison! contact me
  • the joined page was merged with the network’s joined page so cliques, webrings, rotations and fanlistings can now be found on the same page. I also managed to show the latest fanlistings joined, something which I was never able to do with the script I previously used

Talking about single fanlistings…the Sora fanlisting was moved from http://sora.sohryu.nu to http://fan.sohryu.nu/sora/. While I still plan to make the shrine (the reason why I originally put the fanlisting on a subdomain when I opened it years ago), I prefer to keep all my fanlistings under the same directory and separated from their respective shrines, as I already did with Nocturne and Blitzartig.

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